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5mins of your time could help this take-off and be a HUGE blessing to Burundi. Most of you know about our amazing cow project with BBAC (Burundi Bio-Agricultural Communities), lifting c400 families out of poverty with lots of other benefits in the mix. Well, it could be about to go up a gear or two…

Friends of mine, Brad and Emily, have launched their product TODAY. They explain the plan as follows:

Does Your Cup Count? 
Partnering with folks at Great Lakes Outreach in Burundi, who fund an amazing cow-purchasing partnership, paired with the power of 58 million coffee cups used in the USA every year, with your help the following will happen –
Buy our disposable coffee cups for your church/business/whatever, and for every GROW Cup used there is a perpetual ripple effect created.
  • Each cup produces two cups of sustainable nutrient-dense milk via our cow-purchasing partnership.
  • These naturally high-yield dairy cows produce in excess so families can sell what is not used, working to own their cow. 
  • When the cow is purchased they will soon have a calf, this creating a two-for-one on every cow purchased.
  • Children no longer need to work as much, affording the option of going to school.
  • Families can use the cows’ waste to fertilize and grow gardens. 
Folks, sometimes a few clicks can make a real difference, and this is such a time. Brad and Emily’s initiative could just end up being God’s gift to Burundi! 58million cups are sold in the USA each year! If they get some traction, which you can help with RIGHT NOW, then we will benefit massively. They’ve put the family’s life-savings into this. So without needing to understand all the Amazon algorithms, we need to get their product up towards the top of the listings, and then it’ll start picking up some market share. This is what will take you a few minutes:
Back to Brad: THE LAUNCH – 3,2,1…

The big day has come! Today, yes this very day you get to be a part of the launch, the launch of a company that changes a country and beyond. You get to be part of how people view charity. You get to be part of lives saved, children being born healthy, families thriving and not just barely surviving.So here’s how. This next part is very important. For the world to know who we are we have to get ranked under commonly-used search terms.

To do this just click HERE NOW  Below is a picture of what you’re looking for. This will require some scrolling, please be patient with this,  those of you who order sooner will find the cups around page five. The cups will move up pages throughout the day. Help us hit our goal today of being on page one. Then the world can see and help in the cause. This is only for folks in the USA at this stage. UK folks, please forward to friends in the USA. USA folks, please share this on Facebook, through email, however you like. Your kids’ schools, churches, community centers – just think who could buy from us. Thanks so much!

One other very important step to help make us known, PLEASE leave a 5 star review with comments on Amazon.

Now it’s up to us!!
Will you Grow with us?
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  • For, search “grow change today” or use

    For, use Alas, it’s listed as “currently unavailable in Canada.” You might be able to open an account in the USA and arrange shipping to yourself.

    I didn’t find them on nor on (office supplies, including break-room supplies.)

  • Simon,
    Good to hear from you. Sounds like a great idea to obtain cows to start the economy moving. I will be pleased to contribute, but do not need any coffee cups. Will try to get to the contribution page.
    Ron Hanson

  • Hi – Can you put this on as well please as I tried to order from the uk and it wouldnt post to the uk – thanks 🙂

  • All who read about this idea,
    I would encourage you to buy the first package of cups and have them mailed to your church or other organization. It’s your chance to spend $25 on a great cause and get the cups into their hands and hopefully they will buy more! I’m ordering some for our church today!

  • Would love them to be available in the UK please

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