Amidst so much legitimate doom and gloom, GLO wants to share stories of hope, joy and life to encourage you. I hesitate to share this particular story because you could think I’m self-promoting, but where Ida mentions me, substitute ‘GLO’. It illustrates exactly what we’re about. Not just the big nationwide-influencing stuff, but also helping the last, the lost, the least. Committing to change over the long haul. One at a time. 

At one point orphaned, Ida had no idea how her life would turn out. Unable to support herself, she had no hope. GLO was able to come alongside her and support her schooling, lodging, food, and other basic needs. 

So here’s a heart-warming 40sec clip of Ida at her graduation.

Well done Ida, we’re proud of you! And now we’ve set her up with a printing business, so do pray she can make it work.

Meantime, the other young lady, Dorine, now lives in Kenya and is married to a pastor there. Here’s a photo of her with husband Silas. 

Both ladies’ lives totally transformed, beautiful!

I know a number of you got behind them in finance and prayer, so thank you, and their victory is yours!


His brother rang to tell him their parents had been murdered and dumped down the sewer. He was about to run the most important race of his life…

Watch this beautiful short (4-minute) film to hear more of Charles’ story. It’s good to have stories of triumphant hope during these difficult days…

Deep peace to you, 

Simon Guillebaud


Sometimes I’m a seriously slow learner.

I was speaking a couple of weeks ago in Bujumbura from Hebrews 12 and running the race with/for God. In the front row, I spotted one of Burundi’s heroes, Charles Nkazamyampi. He’s become a good friend over the last few years. I love what he does, using his fame as a vehicle for reconciliation and forgiveness around the country. So I took the opportunity to have a race against him around the church! Who won? Take a look…

Incidentally, he tells some of his remarkable story HERE. Running and getting the silver medal in the 1993 World Championships in Toronto after receiving a phone call informing him his parents had both been murdered and their bodies dumped down a latrine… what can you say to that?

I digress.

Why did I start by saying I’m a slow learner? Because I’ve just recovered from a bout of shingles. Indeed it almost stopped me going to Burundi. I don’t believe God inflicted it on me to teach me a lesson, but I do believe there was a lesson to be learned in getting shingles. They hit me on the back of speaking 27 times during the previous 18 days, which included blasting all over Scotland, the South West, London, Norfolk and more.

Communicating is my passion, my life-calling. But as Charles modelled in his successful running career, you have to pace yourself. Don’t lag behind or run too fast. “Keep in step with the Spirit!” (Galatians 5:25) I was like the person that Brother Lawrence wrote about who was full of good intentions, but who ‘wants to go faster than grace allows’.

I wouldn’t wish shingles on anyone, although thankfully we got the meds on it quickly so it didn’t spread too much.

Anyone else treating the 10 Commandments (or some of them) like the 10 Suggestions? We take some of them very seriously, and others not so seriously. Honestly, the one about Sabbath rest I was functionally treating as optional.

So hopefully I’ve learnt a pretty fundamental life-lesson this last month. And if that’s the case, then thank you shingles, begrudgingly, for slowing me down and helping me recalibrate my pace for the long haul.

May you not have to learn that lesson the hard way! 

And then lastly, for your amusement/revulsion, here’s a quick clip of my end-state after my message during the response time!


Lady who had a dream

Yesterday we joined GLO’s newest partner UCE for an outreach event in the bush at a place called Bugendana. It was wild!

These guys have been running for a decade on a shoestring budget without any external support, relying on their own sacrificial contributions. Recently we committed to backing them, as their track record was so impressive. On this visit, I really wanted to see them in action, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m out with a friend Jon, and he was likewise beautifully blown away. Not least because this lady came up to us after the main meeting, having testified on the stage with her husband in front of the big crowd, and said the following:

“I had a dream three nights ago of two white men coming to see me (there are no white men in this area far from the nearest city). It was lashing with rain and the mud walls of my house caved in on me, partially trapping my leg. I could see the sky above, and it was exactly like it is now. Then you arrived this afternoon, and when I saw you, I recognised you from my dream. I know God is speaking to me, and I’ve now decided to give up witchcraft and drink, which have been ruining my life. I’m surrendering my life to God, and with His help, I will manage it!”

How about that?!

I shared with the crowd, and a few dozen came forward for a first-time response. Then the sick were called forward to be prayed for, and all sorts of healings took place. Each in turn came to the microphone with stories of what had just happened. “I’ve been on crutches but now I don’t need them.” “I’ve had stomach issues for three years and they are now gone.” One lady was whooping with delight as she jumped up and down and declared herself fully healed from crippling back pain. A young man had been brought to the meeting straight from school by friends on a bicycle because he couldn’t walk on his own, and his face was radiant as he spoke of his complete healing.

As Jon said: “A cynic would say that they have been prepared in advance and lined up to give false testimony, but no way, those were genuine stories. Wow, I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Time ran out so we couldn’t hear all those who wanted to share, and then the dancing started, and it was beautiful unrestrained joy. Here’s a sample!


Click below to listen to Premier Radio’s Saturday Show, The Profile. Hopefully it’s an encouragement and a challenge!

Simon Guillebaud interview with Premier Radio
Clicking on the link will take you to Premier Radio

In this week’s show Megan Cornwell sits down with Simon Guillebaud to hear about the miraculous ways God has protected him and his family during two decades of missionary work in what was once the most dangerous nation on earth. Guillebaud describes how God brought 164,000 people to faith through one of the initiatives he’s involved in (amongst others), and why he believes Christians in the UK can be blind to the spiritual war going on around them. He shares extraordinary conversion stories as well as a personal insight into how God called him into long-term evangelistic ministry.


It’s like we’ve been gifted a TV station with all the huge potential influence that brings, without having to spend $1million setting it up – incredible! 

This post is basically just wanting to share the joy and say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for those of you who helped us clinch the deal. It’s a beautiful story:

The dedicated staff at Heritage TV hadn’t been paid for four months, and in desperation they were fasting and praying: “God, if this TV station is yours, you have to intervene. If not, we’ll have to close.” And that is when GLO’s key man in-country, Onesphore, heard about it and got us involved. The station had been reduced to showing the crassest of prosperity teachings, which I’m no fan of. Now, Onesphore is Chairman of the Board and has total right of veto on program content. Together we are producing great new material, and from hereon hundreds of thousands of people will be impacted positively. Brilliant!

Do click on the link to see me a few days ago meeting the team on the ground and presenting them with a new top-grade camera. There were tears of joy and gratitude for GLO’s bailout. The staff can now feed their families, are assured of their monthly salaries, and we will continue to ramp up quality of production and content. In fact, you can see in the film what terrible lighting it is(!), but all that will change in due course. So, THANKS AGAIN, and do pray we maximize this strategic opportunity moving forward! Peace!

Simon Guillebaud 

PS Huge thanks also to those who responded to our matched regular giving appeal – now we can double our impact with those gifts. We are really encouraged. THANK YOU!!!



And he did graduate with distinction! And he found a lovely woman to marry! And he’s now a Dad!

Freddy on his wedding day and his newborn child.

* I just came across this and realised we hadn’t posted it, having filmed it a couple of years ago. Still worth seeing! He’s still trying to set up a pharmacy, but maintaining his integrity in the process is challenging, so do pray for wisdom and breakthroughs there.


Have you seen that film or read that very moving story – Sophie’s Choice? A mother has to choose which of her two children to save.

I can’t imagine anything more heart-breaking, can you?

Yet, our teams in Burundi face choices like this every day. When I’m in Burundi, like I will be next week, I have to make decisions like this too. It’s a heavy responsibility to discern God’s will.

Who to help?

Now, thank God, we can literally double our choices, with some assistance from you, if you are willing and able?

One of our fantastic supporters has offered to DOUBLE any regular gifts made to GLO for the coming year.*Yes, really. But only for the coming year (any gifts taken out between now and October 2020), so now is the moment to act, if you can help us make the most of this amazing opportunity.

This means that if you give £10 (or $10) a month, they will give £10 (or $10) a month more, making your gift worth £20 a month. £20 a month will mean you unlock a further £20 a month, making a total gift £40 a month. And so on. Up to a massive £15,000 (or $19,400) extra a year. It will make such a difference to so many lives and communities, if we can unlock this funding.

So we can save twice as many lives, help twice as many children have an education, help twice as many pygmies access healthcare, train up twice as many future leaders, help twice as many families start a business to support themselves when there are no jobs… the list goes on.

Of course, it’s not about numbers, it’s about precious people and giving them what they need to turn their lives around.

People like Freddy, whose face melted in the fire, but who, with your support, was able to access specialist healthcare and is now happily married with a baby.

And Grace, who was discarded down a toilet as a baby but who, thanks to your support, has now qualified as a first-class journalist, and is using her gifts working for GLO and helping others in Burundi…

Or Innocent, who with your support was rescued as a street child and is now a national football hero, working to help other street children.
So much can be achieved with very little…

Sometimes very little is all that’s needed in a place like Burundi. Like £3. One of the most haunting experiences of my life was when my best friend’s brother urgently needed medicine which you can buy over the counter in Burundi.

He didn’t have the money and so his brother died. £3 for a life… that is so wrong!

There are many brothers and sisters to save. Communities to reach. Peace to sow. Leaders to grow. One at a time…

Do please help if you can. If you’re already helping and praying, thank you!

You can respond here £ or here $

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your giving and all your prayers.

God bless you loads!

PS It may be that you already give but do so anonymously or by bank order and haven’t told us your name. If that’s you, thank you! Likewise, if you are unable to respond at this time, no problem AT ALL. Please do pray for us to be able to make the most of this amazing opportunity.