Right, folks, this is the other entry in my new devotional book that I have doubts over whether to include. Essentially, I think it could have the wrong intention with some people – instead of stirring them up, it could leave them feeling discouraged, or confused as to why stuff like this doesn’t seem to happen much any more in the West. So, please tell me if I should just remove it, I suspect that is what I’ll do but am interested in your comments before definitively binning it.


John 14:12 “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing.”

What Did Jesus Do? We read about it in the gospels.
What Would Jesus Do today? The same as he did back then.

So what should we do today? Surely the same as his followers did then! What is holding us back? I guess if we’re honest, it’s largely fear. I know I care more for my reputation than God’s. What if I step out in faith and end up looking a fool…

Last year, we sent out 762 evangelists for two weeks in teams around Burundi, and – wait for it – they led over 18,000 people to Jesus! No doubt Burundi is more ripe than where you are, but it’s staggering nonetheless. And they didn’t just preach the gospel, they also demonstrated the power of the gospel by healing the sick and casting out demons, just as in the book of Acts.

For example, one notorious witchdoctor, Joselyne, gave her life to Christ. Her sister refused to believe, but brought over the demon-possessed neighbor, and challenged the believers: “If you heal this girl, I’ll know that you are serving the one true God.” God duly healed the girl, and 21 people (including the sister) promptly gave their lives to Christ. Beautiful!

Why not more such stories in the West, Lord? Honestly, I wrestle with that one. But our guys are bold practitioners, willing to suffer, and full of faith, so that would be part of a difficult and incomplete answer.

Don’t give in to the temptation to feel hopelessly inadequate and discouraged. Rather simply cry out to God for his kingdom to come, on earth as it is in heaven. ‘What Did Jesus Do?’ is straightforward enough to verify. Whereas my concern with ‘WWJD’ is that it might allow me to justify by conjecture a more tame response to his dangerous call on my life.

Lord, I choose to do what you would do and plead that you’d let me do what you did. For your glory. Amen!

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