What Do You Want To Leave Behind?

You’re not going to take anything with you, so what are you investing in now? Will it last? ‘Anything which isn’t eternal is eternally out-of-date’ (C.S.Lewis). Here are some challenges from the life of Granny Guillebaud…

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  • Thank you.

  • Simon, your wee granny was just an inspiration to me, taught me the language, ( though not as good as you!!) and was a powerful vessel that the Lord used, right to the end!! Praise the Lord!!! Thanks for the reminder mate. God bless ye bro!!

  • If your granny was anything like you, she must have been amazing. Such a good reminder and important question to reflect on because you’re right, I can’t take anything with me, but I can make an impact on the people I leave behind.

  • So lovely a tale!! Such a beautiful Grandmother!! Bless her wonderful heart…having the truth in her inner parts and sharing it is the greatest of all JOYS!! Our precious FATHER has planned it all for us since the beginning of time….if we find it we are truly blessed as we find the greatest treasure that exists!!

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