Traumatised Joy in Burundi this Christmas?


Our traumatised children don’t understand what is going on. The shootings continue. Christmas has always been the one time of year they hope for a piece of chocolate and some meat, maybe even a new pair of shoes. Times are harder than ever right now. As a father, I long to give them some joy, but we simply can’t afford to even eat enough each day. As you’ve helped in the past, could you help us again? We’re so grateful to you and GLO for being such a blessing. Can we hope for the same this year as in previous ones? Your kindness is what it takes for our kids to explode with joy. God bless you all. 

This is the plea from a brother and colleague in Burundi, representing the 450 staff we support. They sacrifice themselves for the Lord throughout the year. Please help me help them, so that we can give each family a small lump sum and thereby provide their combined c.2,000+ children some joy this Christmas.

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Thanks in advance, and here’s wishing you a

                                                VERY MERRY AND MEANINGFUL CHRISTMAS!

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