Too Much Skin and Bones in Burundi…

Some images don’t require a thousand words.

Burundi has the highest malnutrition rate in the world. We were officially the hungriest country even before this crisis kicked in. I was at a bush hospital two weeks ago and heard from the doctor there that the already atrocious situation had spiked even more in recent months.

Below, with permission, is a picture that rocks my world – all the more so as a father imagining my children not being able to eat. Taken at the hospital by my friend, this is her well-fed daughter, Alma. She is 4-years-old. Guess how old is the girl in the middle…


…she is also 4-years-old.

That is so, so wrong…

Please keep praying for beautiful Burundi. 

* I post this because I want to keep Burundi on people’s radars in terms of praying and giving, so please fee free to share.

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