To Your (and Their) Good Health This Christmas!

Widow Nadine’s 6-year-old daughter died because she didn’t have £2.50 ($3).

£2.50 for a life. That is so wrong!

I tell her tragic story in this short 2-minute film.

Basically, for £2.50 ($3), Burundians can get a health card valid for three years for the whole family, which will allow them to get treatment at a government clinic without incurring crippling debts. 

Sadly, Nadine didn’t have this card to get her daughter treated, and her neighbours didn’t have the money to lend her either, so she hurriedly set about making a clay pot (her skillset) to sell… but there was not enough time, and her daughter’s ‘flu’ proved fatal.

Again, that is so wrong!

So GLO’s Christmas appeal this year is to right that wrong and provide 3000 of these vital medical cards to vulnerable families who our partner organisations have identified. 

I love this appeal because everyone can take part. Even my/our kids can afford to help a family, several even. To set a small village free from the constant fear and reality of not taking their loved ones to a hospital (because it’s too expensive) would be approximately £125 ($150). Let’s stop Nadine’s story being repeated.

What do you want for Christmas this year? I know what I want – to save lives – this will be my gift! 

I invite you to join me, be it for one family, ten or a hundred – every single one counts.

Thanks for journeying with us. We’re so grateful!

Simon Guillebaud

PS If you are looking for a meaningful and impactful Christmas gift idea, for yourself or a loved one, GLO has a great range of alternative gifts that will help lift families in Burundi out of poverty – do click here to see them.

PPS In the happy event that we meet our goal to provide 3000 health cards, we’ll make sure any additional donations are put to equally invaluable use, distributed to where the needs are greatest. Should you wish to specify a Christmas gift to a specific project or partner, please use this form:

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