(Not) Shouting at Ants This Christmas!

On the back of last week’s blog, here’s some feedback from our adventures on the streets of Bath:

We were out three times this week. We set up our busker’s sound system wherever there was space and plenty of people walking past, and sang carols accompanied by guitar, followed by a quick Christmas message of hope after each song. Most people are on a mission with their shopping, but plenty smile as they walk past; and some linger, listen, or want to engage in conversation. Being a team is crucial because the spin-off conversations are where beautiful things happen.

For example, Libby sat next to Sarah*, who had cried out to ‘god’ for help the previous night, and now here she was, sat listening to us, crying away her tears of loneliness and recognising that God was answering her prayer. Sarah was very keen now to learn more about God and come to church with Libby.

My personal highlight was talking to brother and sister John* and Sue*. They stopped off to listen to us, and I asked them if they understood the Christmas story. She said: “No, I don’t really get it, God up there and us down here.” So I asked her to imagine looking down on ants and wanting them to know that she loved them. She could shout ‘I love you!’ and put food in their paths, but they wouldn’t understand that love as it came from a different dimension. But what if she herself became an ant? And then communicated on their level, and pointed up to the sky and said: “There’s someone up there who loves you, who provides for you, who wants you to know them, etc”

Sue totally got it. She was blown away, and they both listened and then actively decided they wanted to start a journey with Jesus. As they prayed with me, she blurted out: “Wow, wow, wow, what’s going on? I can feel this warmth on my chest, this is amazing!” “Sue, that’s God making Himself real to you. Remember this moment!” We talked further. She said: “I’ll never forget this day for the rest of my life!” It was simply wonderful.

There are other stories. Lots of seeds get sown. Do pray for the likes of Sarah, John and Sue. They are out on your streets too. There’s so much fear, loneliness and despair. We’re not any better than anyone else – we’re just better off, because we know the Source of all hope, comfort and peace.

Anyone can do what we’re doing. I’d love to see more of it. It’s not scary (maybe first time!), rather it’s great fun, honestly! Plenty of folks who aren’t remotely interested in God say how lovely it was to hear festive carols, and encourage us to continue.

Could you get together with friends in your community and have a go? Why not give it a shot? And let me know how you get on. We’ll be out another 4 times this week hopefully. Prayers appreciated.

* Names changed


  • Wonderful! Praise God

  • So pleased people are responding.
    Despite all the difficulties of this time
    it is sometimes easier to spot him at work.

  • Superb! Praying for you guys!

  • Delighted to read about this and imagine it – wish I was not too old to take part but will be praying for more similar episodes The ant story is great – hadn’t heard that ploy before. Blessings, S

  • We would absolutely love to do something like this in Surrey however our Christian group are absolutely terrified of Covid…. all youngish people as well…. it’s really really difficult…..please pray for Epsom!

    • Emma, just a thought, but why not find a few ( just 4 christians who are willing to take the risk) and don’t seek with the usual christian crowd, but ask the ”less likely ones” sometimes these different people have great hearts and great things to give….who knows what might happen if you make that effort to find just those few christians who would be willing to go …..

  • Keep it up! God bless you, and make you a blessing to many.

  • Wow – these testimonies are totally Awesome and ‘goose-bump-giving’!!…
    Sue’s story is so lovely and reminiscent of John Wesley’s conversion experience!
    May The Lord bless you more as you step out in faith!
    Love the ant story and will ‘borrow’ with attribution!..
    Also praying for Epsom and all young people at this tricky time

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