‘Some joy during these tough days…’

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It happens each year at about this time.

Tharcisse, faithful long-term Scripture Union accountant, writes me an emotive plea to intervene on his and the rest of the staff’s behalf:

Hello Brother Simon!
Christmas is coming. Many of us in Burundi only eat meat, chocolate, and biscuits on this one special day. It’s also the only day of the year my kids and wife hope to get a new clothing. Because of the economic situation, I as a father and husband simply can’t afford anything again this year. I don’t want to disappoint my wife and kids, so I’m asking for my family and the other staff members – could you please help us, so that our children can have some joy during these tough days?
Thanks for considering it,

Well, I’m keen to honour them as they have served the Lord throughout this last year. We have 450 families under the GLO umbrella. I’d love to give them £32/$40 each. As I sit down to stuff my face on Christmas day with friends and family, I want to do so knowing they likewise have already been provided with ‘some joy during these tough days’. And if we receive more than we need, then we will be able to bless even more people and projects.

If you want to give, please click HERE.

God bless you LOADS, here’s to a very HAPPY AND MEANINGFUL CHRISTMAS!


PS A further encouragement to you is that on the back of the last email on Eva’s creative sanitary towel project, we are help-ing 1,000 young ladies regain their dignity this season by providing them with Eva’s products – beautiful!

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  • Simon, this is just what this spoiled lady needed to hear!

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