A Land Flowing with Milk and More Milk!

I love sharing beautiful Burundi stories to counteract so much bad news.

My friend Evariste started a stunningly effective cow project a number of years ago, which has totally transformed his community. Having lost 72 of his family members in the 1993 genocide, he got the opportunity to study in Germany before returning and responding to God’s call to bring community transformation and empowerment through cows. This beautiful film is under 3mins and tells more, please do watch it. Many of you have contributed to this success, so feel the joy and satisfaction with me!

Also, any cyclist out there (or can you pass this onto a friend?) who might want to join our amazing GLO African Cycling Tour (24th May – 2nd June), do get in touch. I promise to give you a sweaty, exhausting, enthralling experience of a lifetime, as previous participants will testify! If you need motivation post-Christmas to shed a few pounds (one previous participant lost a staggering 102lbs!), this could be for you. More information on request.

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  • Beautiful story, beautiful country. Every time I see Burundi and the people, I get tears in my eyes. I believe those tears are from God. We have supported the milk ministry of Everiste in the past but then he seemed to disappear and everything seemed to fall apart. Has it begun again? I remember he ran into problems with government restrictions or taxes that hindered the work to continue. Perhaps that was not so. Perhaps it was just unrest in the country. An update would be helpful and informative. Thank you for news of ongoing businesses in Burundi of the people helping their own people to survive and flourish.

  • Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing.

  • Beautiful!

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