‘SHAMMAH’ means ‘The Lord is there’.

And so after several years, at last on Saturday Shammah Health Center was formally opened. YFC’s Future Hope orphanage and school now also boasts a high quality clinic. The Governor of Gitega came to open it, and several hundred of us also were there to enjoy a special day. 

It wouldn’t have happened without dear friends Josh and Nadine Guenther from Canada, who have been working towards this big day for 18 months. Well done you beauties!


And here is the rest of the dream team:


Here below we are being shown around. It will serve many thousands of people, with health education sessions happening each morning as well as people getting treated. J and N are both nurses, and Dr Zenon (far right above) adds further credibility and capacity to the set up.

The drummers did their usual awesome display of power and grace. The drums they carry on their heads way 50kg each.


This guy did the splits right in front of me, making me grimace in vicarious pain/pleasure!


So the beautiful YFC work goes on. It’s hard to keep up with Freddy and his dreams! 7 years ago it was just a hillside. Now it’s a thriving community modeling excellence and compassion – simply beautiful! And this kid’s face (below) says it all!


The Lord is most definitely there!

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