Learning to Dream…

“Before I came to this school, I didn’t know I could have this dream… or any dream.”

This is simply beautiful. Can you imagine walking two hours each way to and from school, as well as fetching water, cooking, etc and being so grateful for the opportunity…?

So why don’t you sit down with a mug of tea/coffee
   with your kid,
         neighbour’s kid,
            or just yourself,

and get some perspective and a renewed sense of gratitude and wonder through this lovely film of our partners, Harvest Initiatives. It gives such a vivid picture of a typical day in the life of a determined little dreamer in Burundi.

Humbling. Challenging. Heart-warming.

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  • Utterly inspiring. I used to think I had a good work ethic until I watched this. Thanks as ever.

  • Amazing! “My favourite subject is French.” Atta boy!

  • It is so easy to forget about being thankful for the abundance we have. Praise the Lord for his grace and generosity and may we use what we have in his name.

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