Doubling Sophie’s Choices in Burundi…

Have you seen that film or read that very moving story – Sophie’s Choice? A mother has to choose which of her two children to save.

I can’t imagine anything more heart-breaking, can you?

Yet, our teams in Burundi face choices like this every day. When I’m in Burundi, like I will be next week, I have to make decisions like this too. It’s a heavy responsibility to discern God’s will.

Who to help?

Now, thank God, we can literally double our choices, with some assistance from you, if you are willing and able?

One of our fantastic supporters has offered to DOUBLE any regular gifts made to GLO for the coming year.*Yes, really. But only for the coming year (any gifts taken out between now and October 2020), so now is the moment to act, if you can help us make the most of this amazing opportunity.

This means that if you give £10 (or $10) a month, they will give £10 (or $10) a month more, making your gift worth £20 a month. £20 a month will mean you unlock a further £20 a month, making a total gift £40 a month. And so on. Up to a massive £15,000 (or $19,400) extra a year. It will make such a difference to so many lives and communities, if we can unlock this funding.

So we can save twice as many lives, help twice as many children have an education, help twice as many pygmies access healthcare, train up twice as many future leaders, help twice as many families start a business to support themselves when there are no jobs… the list goes on.

Of course, it’s not about numbers, it’s about precious people and giving them what they need to turn their lives around.

People like Freddy, whose face melted in the fire, but who, with your support, was able to access specialist healthcare and is now happily married with a baby.

And Grace, who was discarded down a toilet as a baby but who, thanks to your support, has now qualified as a first-class journalist, and is using her gifts working for GLO and helping others in Burundi…

Or Innocent, who with your support was rescued as a street child and is now a national football hero, working to help other street children.
So much can be achieved with very little…

Sometimes very little is all that’s needed in a place like Burundi. Like £3. One of the most haunting experiences of my life was when my best friend’s brother urgently needed medicine which you can buy over the counter in Burundi.

He didn’t have the money and so his brother died. £3 for a life… that is so wrong!

There are many brothers and sisters to save. Communities to reach. Peace to sow. Leaders to grow. One at a time…

Do please help if you can. If you’re already helping and praying, thank you!

You can respond here £ or here $

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your giving and all your prayers.

God bless you loads!

PS It may be that you already give but do so anonymously or by bank order and haven’t told us your name. If that’s you, thank you! Likewise, if you are unable to respond at this time, no problem AT ALL. Please do pray for us to be able to make the most of this amazing opportunity.

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