Six years ago, there was an empty field. Now there is probably the best campus in the country.

The day before we flew out, it was Gitega International Academy’s second graduation.

Hot on the heels of gaining ACSI (international) accreditation in record time, it was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the school’s progress and celebrate another year group’s achievements. The national TV cameras were there, and it was a superb event.

Below are a few pictures.

We’ve managed to raise £13,000 in the last two weeks for urgent (final) building requirements and equipping for the coming year. Once these last buildings are up, the school will have reached full capacity, and this will be a quite remarkable achievement over the last six years. GIA really needs another £10,000 or $12,000 to get over the line in terms of this and the last stipulations of the ACSI accreditation process. Do get in touch if you resonate with the beautiful vision of raising godly leaders for the transformation of the nation, and if you have the financial resources to help. And please pray that we manage to get it all done before next semester starts mid-August.

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  • Truly a miraculous achievement-
    God has provided the key to the door of quality education
    That’s a celebration to be had for not only those who are and will be involved … but all of us following globally !!

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