Extraordinary Goings-On in Burundi!

Dear Team,

I’d asked you to pray for our incredible annual summer outreach for the first two weeks of August and the results are in. They’re awesome, as ever! Here goes from Onesphore, the movement leader:

  • We sent out 1010 evangelists in 42 teams around the country (554 from our group, Harvest for Christ, and 456 local church folk who could learn on the job alongside our guys).
  • 11,366 people made professions of faith, including 62 witchdoctors and 55 Muslims.
  • There were119 miraculous signs, including two blind people recovering their sight, two deaf people hearing, 13 paralysed people being healed.
  • 40 separated couples were reunited, 4 people intent on committing suicide were rescued.

A few stories:

Our team found a naked vagrant madman under a tree. He couldn’t speak at all. They prayed for him and he was healed, in his right mind now and able to speak. When his family members heard he was no longer mad and running naked in the streets, they gave our team all the objects of witchcraft they’d used to try to set him free, and made a fire to burn them all, at which point the family gave their lives to Christ as well.

Karenzo, a young child, had lain paralysed in bed for two years. The evangelists prayed for him and he was healed. All his family and neighbours immediately gave their lives to Christ, and the miracle opened up the whole village to welcoming the team in to minister to them.

At Giheta, two of our team were arrested as they preached, and thrown into prison. Whilst in their cell, they preached their hearts out and led four fellow prisoners to Christ. They got to meet the head of police and other senior dignitaries. Once it was established they hadn’t committed any crime, they were released and continued to preach further to a large crowd who were all the more impacted by their willingness to suffer for what they believed, and a large number responded.

Praise God, for these and many other stories of Him setting people free!

Thanks so much for your prayers. Keep praying for the follow up too, that it would be lasting fruit as these new believers are built up into disciples, not just converts.

To see over 11,000 people saved, as well as all the other fruit produced, the outreach (bus tickets into the bush, minimal food, etc) cost us $32k, under £20k. Please help us do it again next year by clicking on http://www.greatlakesoutreach.org/join-the-transformation (do check out our beautiful new website in the process)

We fly back to Burundi en famille Sunday night, with school starting Monday morning at 730am. As the next academic year kicks off, God bless you all loads, go for it, flat out for Jesus, making your life count for Him!

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