Dropping out of School (or not)…

Leo walked 12 miles each way to and from school every day, so desperate was he to learn. That blows my mind. In the West, we’re not usually as grateful for the gift of education (although lockdown frustrations have maybe changed that a little). Recognising Leo’s commitment, we bought him a bicycle to save both time and energy. He is so deeply thankful.

walk to school

Many of my friends in Burundi during their childhood would walk 2-3 hours a day to and from the nearest school. Education is power, education is the future, education is the hope of a better life. So you sacrifice everything for it.

But this coming Monday morning is the saddest day of the year for many parents. It’s the day their children should go back to school. However, if they can’t afford the basic uniform and pen/paper pad, they can’t go.

As I packed my three kids off to school this morning, it occurred afresh to me that it’s never crossed my mind that all of them wouldn’t be able to go to school. Can you imagine having to choose one over the others? Or accepting that none can go at all?

Sometimes God intervenes beautifully, as our volunteer Maria testified recently. She’d all but given up on her three children’s chances of going to school, but she got on her knees and prayed. An old friend out of the blue contacted her and gave her an envelope of money which was enough for her urgent needs. She will never forget God’s faithfulness.

GLO’s partner organisations include 615 staff. We are under no obligation to them in this regard, but we’ve committed to giving £30 ($40) per family so that, at this the most challenging time of the year financially, they can pull through and keep their precious kids in schooling. In a sense we want to be Maria’s God-envelope of cash out of the blue for 615 families.

Do you want to be a part of it? Zero pressure if you are financially strapped, as I know many people are at this time.

If yes, be it for 1 family, or 2, or 5, or 10, click here to donate.

God bless you so much for your generosity!


PS In the happy event that we meet our goal to send gifts to all our 615 families, any additional donations will be put to equally invaluable use.

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