Disaster in Bujumbura…

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I quote from a dear friend of mine, Jean, whom we’ve sponsored:

“Today, 27th January, as the whole central market of Bujumbura has gone up in smoke, it is a national disaster. We are mourning with thousands of others. Many have lost hope. Some have committed suicide by jumping into the flames as their livelihoods burnt before them. Others died trying to rescue what they could. Many are hospitalized. Tens of thousands of mouths will not be able to eat as they have lost everything.
I am one of them, with my wife and five children. The money you loaned us ($2k) has been burnt to ashes. You were helping us towards self-sustainability as a family – our business was working – and now this. My little children ask what will happen to us, and I tell them that God is faithful, but will He be this time? Simon, I’m throwing myself at your mercy! Is there any solidarity…?”

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He’s the first of many visitors I know I’ll be receiving in the coming days. The central market, as the pictures show, is massive. It’s where the capital and beyond came for clothing and foodstuffs. Prices are already soaring with the new scarcity. Things are desperate. I want to respond. Will you join me? How about helping one such family?

If you want to help, please do. Here are the options:

Click here if in the UK and the rest of the world:


Click here if in the USA:


Click here if in Canada:


Please pray for those affected. It’s hard for outsiders to understand quite how big a deal this is. The President flew back from a summit in Ethiopia. People are stunned.

Thanks, in Him,


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