Bonding with my Ancestors…

Sometimes I amaze myself even at my own idiocy.

Over the years, I’ve taken literally hundreds of visitors to Musée Vivant, Bujumbura’s interactive zoo – so often that I’m an honorary member of staff, and never have to pay. Most visitors love it, others hate it. We get to hold pythons that slowly start constricting around us; the more intrepid ones climb into the cage and enjoy the incredible adrenaline rush of stroking or pulling the tail of a 15ft crocodile; and then there are the entertaining (but volatile) chimpanzees.

Today was my comeuppance. What heightens my stupidity is that I’d already got too close a few seconds earlier and he’d lunged and punched me in the face, giving me a sore lip. But that was nothing compared to what followed…

Often by dint of living in this country, blog entries are quite heavy. So all the more when things of a lighter nature occur, they’ve got to be worth sharing. I invite you to hereby waste 17 seconds on this clip and enjoy a laugh at my expense!

Above, the guilty chimp, having literally just chomped and swallowed a decent chunk of my T-shirt. Below, an unhappy camper, sad that a good T-shirt is no more…

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  • Absolutely brilliant! Lovely to see a lighter note on things happening in burundi!
    All my prayers,

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