Blessed are the Peacemakers…

‘Shortly before racing in the 1993 World Championships in Toronto, his brother rings to tell him his parents have been murdered and their bodies dumped down a latrine. He still runs and gets a medal, the first Burundian ever to do so…’

Below is the link to Nkaza’s testimony that we put on film last year. It’s well worth a listen.

He’s a national hero and using his influence for good. We support his organisation ‘Amani Africa Burundi’, and their latest strategy as peace-makers is to mobilise the youth nationwide to sign up to seven core values – integrity, honesty, humility, non-violence, unity, being agents of reconciliation and pursuing good over evil (my translation).

He wants to get every young person to sign up and embrace a positive role leading up to the 2020 elections. Everyone carries their identity card by law, but this could accompany it and be used to resist violence and broker peace in many tense situations. Whereas many in the past have been negatively manipulated, this is a beautiful vision which could have a key role in the nation. If anyone gets excited by this and wants to get behind him by sponsoring x hundred/thousand cards (100 at $5, 1000 at $50), do let me know.

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  • Go Nkaza!!! A great example of someone who is “more than a conqueror” through Jesus Christ! May we all go & do likewise!

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