Bike for Burundi
“Bike for Burundi” is a group of men seeking to raise $1 million for Batwa pygmies and orphans’ education and empowerment in war-torn Central Africa. Simon Guillebaud spent a decade living there and founded Great Lakes Outreach (GLO) as a vehicle to reach out to the last, the lost and the least in Burundi. He risked his life during those years and gained much credibility and trustand in the process, identified the most capable, gifted and trustworthy local people to work alongside. He has written two books based on his experiences in Burundi, which can be obtained at

Simon Guillebaud, Geoff Morris and Craig Riley will cycle 3000 miles at 100 miles/day from Los Angeles to Charleston, SC during March and April of 2012. This challenging endurance feat could be likened to doing a marathon every day for a month! What will keep us going? Well, because the needs of our Burundian brothers and sisters are so huge:

The Batwa pygmies currently have a life expectation of 27! Our beautifully transformational project with them involves building a school, providing clean water and training in farming methodologies and literacy classes. This marginalized and ostracized people group are being empowered to move beyond surviving to thriving and GLO has full government backing in the process. GLO is also in the process of building and equipping a clinic, orphanage and high school. The latter is to consolidate the orphanage school (as the children are reaching high school age), which has the reputation as the best school in Gitega, drawing people from a wide area. The vision is that these orphans will end up as the future shapers and shakers of Burundian society. We have relationships going back 10 years with local brothers of impeccable integrity with proven track records to deliver on all we are aiming to do.

What will money raised go towards?

  • Land purchase – $120,000
  • A fully functional clinic – $35,000
  • Water Missions purifying system – $29,000
  • Orphanage family homes – $24,000 each
  • School dormitories – $17,000 each
  • Youth Camps – $4,000
  • School equipment – $2,500 per classroom
  • Outreach events – $500
  • Staff salaries – $100/month

Please would you consider supporting GLO’s efforts?

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