The Adventure Begins…

I wrote this a few days ago, but had to do a first post before this one really, to introduce myself. Anyways, here goes:

Pentecost Sunday, 12th June – So this is a great day to begin the epic training schedule on. I will be doing thousands of miles in the coming nine months, culminating in 35 days of sheer determination and hopefully success in our goal to cycle from Los Angeles to Charleston, and in the process raise stackloads of money for God’s work in Burundi.

I crept out of bed at 520am, trying unsuccessfully not to wake up Lizzie. My gear was all ready downstairs, all courtesy of my new buddy Mason Moise. Cycling is a totally new ball game for me. I’d never heard of cleats before this week, but now I know that I need to click in and out of them or I’ll fall flat on my face. That’s already happened to me for the first and hopefully last time, with a few cuts and bruises – but it was more a case of bruised ego for looking such an idiot as I wiped out on the road!

Off I pedaled in the dark. With no lights, I needed all the more to stick to the pavement. 1.8miles to Isle of Palms Connector, where there’s a big extra lane that I will use regularly, 2.1m across, and I did six of those, so all in a 16.2m opening ride. Not far, but a start.

At one stage, with a brilliant emerging sunrise, I stopped off and asked a lady who was taking photos of it if she’s mind taking one of me and emailing it through. I explained that this was a momentous day for me, the first of many days of disciplined training, but I didn’t go into the real motivation for the trip – God’s work. Her name was Faith. Photo taken, I sped off at riproaringly average speed, and kicked myself that I hadn’t been more directly open with her. But thankfully she was still there on my return, so I asked her if she knew what day it was? Pentecost. And you can come in a few hours to listen to me talk if you like! She did! I saw her at church and she’d already emailed through the photo. Turns out she goes to Seacoast, where I’ve preached before a few times. It made me think I really want to maximize every opportunity that arises out of this experience to share the motivation (for Christ’s Kingdom work, although I won’t use those religious words!) behind what I’m doing, and not just beat around the bush.


Listening to my Ipod, David Crowder’s ‘Everything Beautiful’ filled my ears and I bellowed out my praise in the beauty of this new day. This is definitely the honeymoon. I felt fresh, this is all novel and exciting. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts before it becomes a long hard slog in due course.

So all that happened before 630a.m. I aim to get training done before the family wakes up so that it will impinge the least possible on their lives – it’ll be a challenge, but I’m committed to it.

Preached three times the same sermon at church. People of Power – Pentecost brings God’s presence, power and purpose. Can be listened to/watched on St. Andrew’s website.

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