Beaten but Unbowed in Burundi…

Emedi is one of our team who engages pro-actively with Muslims in Burundi. I was in the bush yesterday, and observed new mosques springing up all over the place. The Muslim missionaries offer food and medicine to desperately poor people, many of whom are happy to convert if their immediate physical needs are met. Emedi has been beaten and has counted the cost. Another on our team was murdered in front of his wife and kids. Do have a quick look at this short clip in our ‘More Than Conquerors’ series, it’s under 4mins.

Please pray for him and the others involved. And may you engage with Muslims where you are, people like ourselves who need a Saviour. Let’s share love, not hate, and spell Islam – ‘I Sincerely Love All Muslims’.

Go for it!

If you want to help our ongoing efforts in this area, please go to

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  • We have so much to learn from such faithful family.
    South Africa

  • Thank you for counting the cost yet being compelled to share the good news and defend the veracity of the Word. Always convicting especially for those of us in Europe who are one generation away from living in a pagan, secular culture.

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