A Piece of Chocolate or a Hunk of Meat…


As I write this from our King’s Conference Centre, we’re hosting the President and he’s just arrived, surrounded by literally dozens of bodyguards. Soldiers with AK47s line the street outside, and one of his cavalcade has taken my parking space – I’ll let them off this time!


I’m so proud of our guys. Some of them have been offered salaries four times what they currently get; but because of the call of God on their lives, they’ve stayed with us, at great cost to themselves, their spouses and their children. They’ve been used to bring maybe 30,000 people to Jesus this year, let alone all the other fruit of their labours. Their willingness to sacrifice challenges me profoundly.

So when I got the following email from our SU Treasurer, I had to pass it on to you:

“Dear Mr Simon,

We are so grateful to you and GLO for all your help to us and our families at this time of critical poverty for our nation. Today, you are witness to the fact that the cost of living is killing us. Devaluation of our currency and increasing prices of staple foods mean that we’re thankful if we eat once a day now.

As a father this Christmas for my four little children, what can I do? Usually it’s the one day of the year when we try to have some meat, maybe a piece of chocolate, buy them some new clothes.

Knowing you understand, hoping you can help, grateful to you whatever happens,

Your brother.”

No pressure on you, I mean it! Many of you have already been so generous over the last year.

This is the situation: we have about two hundred people working with us, average family unit is six, and that’s 1,200 people I’m committed to helping. So if you want to make Christmas day for a family different from every other difficult day of the year, I offer you the chance to contribute.

SO NOW, A FEW DAYS LATER, THE RESPONSE HAS BEEN AWESOME! There are lots of smiles around me and people coming to say a big thankyou, which I want to pass on to you. When you sit down Christmas Day to feast with your family, feel good about having blessed a family out there. 1,200 people + will be having a great time out here, deeply grateful for His gracious intervention, further confirmed that He’s worth giving their all for. Amen to that!

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