Want to Bike in Burundi for Burundi in the Tour du Burundi?!

Following on from the success of Bike for Burundi, we’ll now be going for a Bike in Burundi! I’m planning to launch the nation’s first ever ‘Tour du Burundi’ (hopefully will get our keen cyclist President to join us for a day!) some time in the early months of 2013, which will surely soon displace the Tour de France as the world’s premier cycling event (hmm… faith or delusion?!). If you’re interested in taking part in this, do get in touch with me ASAP for more info, and please pass this on to any cycling buddies of yours.

The blog-to-book ‘Bike for Burundi – A Ride Across One Country for the Future of Another’ is coming out shortly, and for a preview promotion, see www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvT7OAjoB64 (only 42secs)

Lastly, my friend Charles is doing a 250-miler in Wales in the (anticipated) pouring rain this weekend for Bike for Burundi, so do sponsor him, or take this as a reminder because I know a number of you wanted to sponsor us a few months back but never got round to it! http://www.bikeforburundi.com/donate/

We’re back in the UK now, having left the USA, and will be back in Burundi 22nd August. Have a great summer!


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