Wake up NOW to the Satanic Lullaby!

Can you hear it?

Let me explain.

An extraordinary phenomenon has taken place over the last few years in Iran – or, to give it its full title, the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the context of the strict application of Shariah Law and in a climate of severe persecution for anyone who converts to Christianity, a steady stream of people are risking life and limb in their declaration of allegiance to the way of Jesus. To become an apostate of Islam is extremely costly, and there are plenty of documented cases of rape, imprisonment and torture of those brave enough to follow their convictions. Yet the Church in Iran has become the fastest growing in the world.

So when an Iranian Christian couple managed to emigrate to the USA, it was their ticket to safety in the ‘land of the free’. Of course, they seized the opportunity. Unsurprisingly. Yet what was surprising, was that after living in the USA for a while, the wife said to her husband: “Please, take me back to Iran. There is a satanic lullaby in this nation. All the Christians are asleep, and I feel myself falling asleep.”


Here was a woman who had escaped the very real probability of sexual violence, loss of income and separation from loved ones through incarceration or worse, and yet she was saying that that risk was worth taking because of the greater danger to her very soul of the insidious and deathly lies she was (and we are) being steadily drip-fed in the Western world.

Think about that for a minute.

A satanic lullaby… can you hear it?


A church leader in London asked me to give this prickly sermon before lockdown, addressing some key cultural issues that most steer clear of. So I’ve just re-recorded it, if you fancy a listen.

Austrian philosopher Ivan Illich was asked whether it was more effective to change society through violent revolution or gradual reform. He replied: ‘Neither. If you want to change society, you must tell an alternative story.’

Here’s to telling the best alternative story in the world!


  • Powerful message. Thank you

  • Believers have creeds; disciples have scars! What a challenge, and so desperately needed.

  • Everyone needs this message!

  • What a blessing! Thanks Simon

  • I am so thankful that a British voice is speaking up about this. My husband and I listen to a lot of American commentary about this “lullaby” but it’s great that you are speaking directly into the British context. We have been in Tanzania for 12 years and heading back to the UK soon, and I’m aware of the temptation of being lulled into a comfortable spirituality. Having said that, it has been unbelievable to me how many missionaries seem unaware of the dangers of our home Western cultures, and it must be that the church is not sufficiently teaching what being salty and shiny is. I mean, I’ve had discussions with missionaries who are uncertain what the Gospel is. There is a great deal of prayer needed. I hope to hear you speak in person one day in the UK.
    God bless you as you speak out the uncomfortable truth.

  • Sadly its being sung globally.
    Great message, thank you

  • Thank you Simon for your words…the lullaby analogy is spot on!

  • “Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent…” (James 1:21). A wise old Christian wrote a book called “The Mortification of Sin” and stated ‘Be killing sin, or sin will be killing you.’ O Church arise, and put your armour on!

  • really helpful. So pleased you are dealing with this head on and also surprisingly good frog impression at 18:02

    • Also interesting that both acts of valour and saltiness at the start were the result of wives.

  • Thank you Simon for this very timely and powerful message. We live in a time that is so dangerous for our souls and I am sorry to say that I have already seen too many capitulate to the lullaby and still more who will not speak out for fear of the consequences. Please may God find us faithful and loyal to His “tune” no matter the cost. May He give us all courageous hearts and help us to love His kingdom and His ways more than comfort and more than life itself. Thank you for being a clarion voice and may God give more of us the grace to be that also.

  • Killing you Softly.

    Recently I have watched three episodes of Suits. It is an excellently made US legal drama. It’s about the most worldly bit of TV I have watched in a while, immensely addicitive, well-scripted, well acted but in my view decidedly evil. Let me explain. It’s not evil in the sense of graphic violence or even overt perversion or injustice (there are even moments of genuine justice for the oppressed), it’s evil in its slow and deep baptism in the spirit of the world. Via excellent entertainment it grooms the soul in “the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life.”

    For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world. (1 John 2:16)

    Some things you can put on and within 30 seconds you are repulsed and you turn it off. Some shows woo you. They have elements of good, they have characters you learn to love, easy ones to hate and so you get hooked. Here is the problem: It doesn’t repulse, you can find empathy within the storyline but it now has you and it’s tens of hours long. You are slowly brought under its power and the things of heaven are made dim, even discipled out of you. The heart beat of heaven within you is under attack.

    Look, I don’t want to sound like a pharisee. You are free. Have fun, watch TV if you want, learn, enjoy, be made to laugh, enjoy good drama and entertainment. All things are permissible but not all things are beneficial. Guard your heart like Alsatians do a rib eye steak, for that is where your REAL life comes from.

    The worst worldly television is not illegal pornogrpahy but mainstream television which gently glamorises sin, slowly inoculates against evil, patiently hardening the heart to the things God loves and the things God abhors. These shows can sing life from you, kill the love of God in you softly, blind you with dazzling colours of luxury, tickle your flesh with endless bowls of visual ice cream. Indifference and spiritual slumber is the child and then spiritual death the fully grown adult. After three episodes which I confess in some carnal way I enjoyed, though my spirit winced regulalry, I felt myself being calloused inwardly. I wanted more. In some kind of sick way I began to wonder if my next few months of entertainment was settled. Then I realised that the joy thief was in my living room. Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy, his assassin to prayer, his mentor in quiet indifference. One of the greatest sins of the twenty-first century, deceiving as it does by her slow, steady and comfortable arrival, is indifference. We need the fire of heaven’s defibrillator to see again, to feel again. Thank you sexy lawyers, who always come out on top, and who I regularly want to be, but you are not for me.


  • Thanks Simon…. I always feel uncomfortable when I listen to you or read your books …. in a good way. You challenge us to get out of our comfort zones. I so like my comfort zone…. but Jesus didn’t come for us to be lulled to sleep He called us to live life to the fullest. May God fill us with a Spirit of courage to step out salty and light. God bless you and the great work you do.

  • Salty and Shiny.
    Thanks Brother, enjoyed your down to earth message.

  • Thank you for this! It has been very encouraging and totally get what you are saying. I don’t want to fall asleep here in the UK. Thanks for sharing God’s word with us!

  • Thank you Simon; such a timely message for 2021! It is deeply prophetic as we face the multiple challenges of lockdowns and totalitarianism in the U.K. This message is a fire alarm indeed, a call to action and may we not stop speaking out the truth of Jesus Christ.

  • So helpful – echoes so much of what I have been feeling, but puts it into words so clearly with fire, but love too

    . Thank you.

  • I get your emails and have just listened to this with my wife. It’s definitely food for thought. Thank you for being salty and shiny!
    We are shining as best we can in the very comfortable culture of Japan where my wife is teaching about Jesus through free English lessons. But are we at risk of becoming too comfortable and not as salty as we might be. May God give us wisdom and courage.

  • Thanks Simon. You’re one of the few in Christian circles opening warning of this.

  • Thank you for this sermon. We listened with our children- it’s good to hear the truth bring preached.

  • This is brilliant, thank you

  • Dear Simon, As always you challenge us to be true and uncompromising disciples of Jesus. We pray that God will raise up prophets who will speak into our culture and you are truly one of these. “Lord, raise up prophets to speak grace and truth to God’s people and our nation.”

    • Can I in humility point to some prophetic voices in this land who are speaking out uncompromisingly? https://www.propheticscots.com/
      Tomi and Tobi Arayomi (don’t believe the “fake news” about them. They are amazing and completely scriptural
      Dr Sharon Stone. She sounds American but lives in Britain.
      There are more that the Lord is raising up as we speak.
      I hope this encourages you! Blessings and grace to you.

  • Bless you Simon, wonderfully necessary message in our days.

  • This surely is a message to the church in the west today. How we need to wake up from our comfortable slumber and be the people of God we have been called to be.

  • Thank you Simon, what an encouragement!
    It feels like the devil has dumped so much stuff on us that we are spiritually asphyxiated! And that he is sucking our brains into our screens…
    We had a youth group visit Uganda and this girl came back saying, “everyone there had next to nothing but they were so happy… back here we have everything and everyone looks so miserable…”
    May we, the church, model that alternative society and be signs of the kingdom… The world is so thirsty for that, for the church to be what it is called to be… salt and light.

  • Thank you Simon, for this gutsy and powerful message.
    I like how you described salt:
    * it stops decay
    * it’s a flavour enhancer
    * it creates thirst
    * it stings wounds
    As the shaking in the Body of Christ continues, may we be found to be ever growing in faithfulness, holiness, and righteousness.

  • Wonderfully expressed and enlightening explanation, Simon. Thanks so much for taking the time to record these thoughts – rest assured they are so helpful in facing the challenges of ministry in the UK/western world today!

  • Thank you, Simon for speaking God‘s truth! Truly, Jesus is the hope of our broken world. May God shine brightly through us as his people.

  • A young mother mentioned this broadcast in my son’s church in Coventry and just the words “The Satanic Lullaby” in the west spoke to me and I had to ask her how do I get this. We have only just go back but will definitely listen after my daily walk.

  • I have now listened and can see how this is relevant to our society in the west. I did read most of the Richard Wurmbrand books as a young christian and felt I almost wanted to climb over the iron curtain wall to be with them. I used to pray for lists of prisoners before I went to bed. However in time I needed other directions as I could not read anymore about it and even today cannot. It is good to be shocked but not to forever live in that unless you are called to it. At least that is what I found.

  • Fantastic Simon – like being plugged into mains electricity after running on AAA batteries. Long may we remain connected to the ‘mains’ power of Christ and burn brightly for Him.

  • Simon… I should have replied to you when I first read and heard this timely wake-up call.
    Lord forgive me for losing
    my saltiness. Seeking comfort and ease. You have been saying regularly to me over the last 3
    years to be Ready & Prepared. I thought I was, but no I am not.
    I will not be lullabied anymore, but choose to follow you Lord and take up my cross and shine out for you and those who are desperately lost…….Amen

    Thank you Simon

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