True Life-Savers!

Cyrille and Annick 

Annick needed surgery urgently. Her serious heart condition meant she’d been given one year to live, had had two mini-strokes, and had been rushed to hospital temporarily paralysed. There was no way to be treated in Burundi. Her husband Cyrille’s salary couldn’t possibly pay for the recommended treatment in India, which was about ($12,000). It didn’t look good for her, and Cyrille faced the prospect of being a young widower.

But amongst a significant number of wonderful people and remarkable provision, two ladies have literally been life-savers. Cheryl Law, our GLO Administrator, had the brainwave to read the National Health Service small print and find a loophole whereby Annick could get free treatment on the NHS as a dependent of one of the GLO’s overseas employees. And Alison Gill, who works with Cyrille, was relentless and indefatigable in procuring all the necessary paperwork. The Lord clearly opened up the way, and it looks like Annick’s life has now been saved. Do keep praying for her through this season of recovery before they fly back to continue being part of a superb team that is making a real impact in Burundi.

Well done Cheryl and Alison, and thank you Lord!

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