(Not) the Scum of the Earth

They were the poorest of the poorest on the planet. Life expectancy was 27-years-old. Under-5s died every month.

Then this…


We hear so many negative stories from Africa and Burundi in particular, so all the more let’s celebrate the stunning successes. Well done team!

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  • This is so uplifting! Thank you for sharing. God is doing so much to enlarge His Kingdom around His world. Praise His wonderful Name.

  • Brings tears! So beautiful what God can do. Let’s keep lifting up His creations, no matter where, no matter who!
    Thank you for this encouraging look into a world I’ve never been to.

  • Thank you for sharing this exciting news with us, Simon. Praise God for all He is doing with all thse beautiful people groups of the earth, and huge thanks to those who are hearing and responding to His call to go into such harvest fields ❤️

  • Another stunning video. Thank you for the share.

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