Multiple Power Encounters in Burundi!


Our massive summer outreach is always fiercely contested and hugely fruitful. This (the 14th) year was no exception. Some of the teams faced real opposition, and needed breakthroughs to operate at all.

In any case, I’m pleased to be able to feedback to you that 700 people went out in 35 areas for 2 weeks, and they saw 8,900 choose to start following Jesus, with several dozen dramatic miracles taking place.

Stories are still coming in, but the below are what I received yesterday, which I wanted to share with you – to encourage and stir your own faith, and to thank you for standing with us in prayer. Here goes with a selection:

Pascasie’s arm had been crippled for 26 years. Our team went door-to-door in Gihosha, and she responded in faith to their message. They prayed for her arm, and she was promptly healed!

Hated and feared, Patrick was a known serial burglar in Songa. A mystery illness then struck him down, which included paralysis of the neck and feet problems. He was house-bound for three months and the community were just waiting for him to die. That’s when our team showed up, told him about the love of Jesus and hope in Him. They returned a second time, and when they prayed for him, he was healed. From then on he accompanied the outreach team, testifying to his healing miracle, and asking forgiveness of everyone he’d burgled or done wrong to. Many others responded when they saw this ‘new man’ and heard his story first-hand.

In Gitega, a husband beat up his wife and sent her away once and for all, keeping the four children. The next day, in God’s providence, our teams visited both him at his home, and her 6kms away where she’d gone. He was convicted of his wrong behaviour, and hurried off by foot to seek her out. When he arrived, he saw her being prayed for, and burst into spontaneous praise. Both of them repented, became followers of Jesus, burned their fetishes, and are now involved in their local church as a reunited family with no more violence in the home.

Bugagi had the reputation as a place of despair, alcoholism and witchcraft. Last year, our team went there with no apparent fruit. A witchdoctor did visit with them, saying he was happy to add Jesus to his other fetishes, but they insisted he’d need to burn all his charms and pledge sole allegiance to Christ. His house, including all his fetishes, then burnt down. He was frightened, and returned to them, saying that as he hadn’t been prepared to deal with it, God had burnt his house down! He and three other families joined the local church. This year the team returned to find a transformed Bugagi, with new hope in the air, and with another 17 families deciding to follow Jesus.

Adelin from Kayanza was demon-posessed, and used to bark like a dog at night-time. His wife and children were naturally scared stiff, and tried various witchdoctors to find a cure for his affliction. Our team visited the family, prayed for him, and he asked if he could stay the night with them. That first night together, he began howling like a crazed hound. He was delivered as they prayed for him, and now the family is all at peace as they witnessed God’s power and surrendered their lives to Christ.

That’ll do. Amazing! Beautiful! And we look forward to doing it again for the 15th year in a row in 2020. Pray for peace as it’ll be election season, and last time around saw the nation plunge into crisis. Please Lord, may these coming months lead up to peaceful, free and fair elections indeed…

God bless you all,

PS Looking ahead, for your information: we sent out 700 people this year, and turned another 200+ down because of financial limitations. We spent $20,000 on the outreach, to see 8,900 people come to Jesus, as well as other fruit, so it’s money incredibly well spent! But it could have been even more fruitful with another 200 sets of boots on the ground. So if you wanted to sow into this venture to see so much more remarkable fruit, do click here to contribute. Thanks!

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  • I love reading experiences like this. So encouraging. God is truly amazing!

  • These stories are such a JOY to read! Go team GLO!

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