Looking out for Widows…

There’s no social security out here. When your husband dies, beyond the normal grieving it’s a total and utter disaster for the widow, further compounded if she has children. So here’s a hope-filled story for widowed mother-of-three Virginie, who has just got her house through the ministry of J-Life. Justin, Tanya and my Lizzie helped in the process at the beginning of January, and it is now complete. Total cost: $1,000 (so a little more than I advertised last week, because prices have gone up and the standard of house we are building is also better).

Enjoy the pics and share her joy!

This was where she and her kids previously slept, cooked, lived…

Laying the foundations at the very start.

The finished item, and a happy family!

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  • If this doesn’t make your heart just burst with Joy, check your pulse! diana

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