Lockdown Talk for Schools…

A few years ago, Fenn Chapman, a 16-year-old from Rugby School, flogged some techy gear to raise some money, and then flew to the Bahamas during term-time. Reporters got wind of it and knew it would make a good story. One of them eventually tracked him down on the beach and asked Fenn why he did it. Fenn replied: “I started thinking about the rest of my life: university, a job, buying a car, getting married, a mortgage, and then dying. I thought there had to be something more to life than this. So I had to get away for a while and think things through.”

That’s a question worth asking…

This is a short talk I was asked to do for a network of schools for their chapel/assembly. I tell two quick stories and then ask three questions. 

You can download the mp4 video here. This will take you to a Vimeo page. Click the Download button and choose the HD 720p version if you plan to show it using Zoom etc.

It’s very short. I’d love it to be used in dozens/hundreds of schools, so do pass it to any school teacher/connection who think might use it – teachers are crying out for resources during lockdown right now, for Religious Education classes, assemblies, etc.

Have a great day, grace and peace to you!

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  • Excellent Simon, very inspiring. I would like to use the stories that you have mentioned if i get a chance to speak somwhere in church or youth group. Praise God and pray that you continue to be a blessing to the people and nations around

  • Thank you Simon. Your talk reminded me of a Graham Kendrick song from many years ago; I think some of the words were ‘Sleep walking to the twilight zone’ and it was all about going through life on auto. I think we all do that sometimes…. I had my life planned out for this year in great detail and now my diary is mostly empty. I am a Christian so I know that God is in control and I liked your comment that Jesus was God with flesh on! It is now up to us to show Christ to the world in whatever way we can by serving others through the current crisis. I am singing and playing in virtual services from my church and also playing favourite pieces on the piano for my neighbourhood while they listen in their gardens.I also have the honour of playing ‘Happy Birthday’ for Captain Tom (one of his daughters lives round the corner from me) on Thursday with her and all the neighbours. I know it’s not much to do these things but it helps raise a smile and keeps everyone going. Bless you in your own ministry.

  • Thank You very much. Two interesting and sad stories from the edge.
    I was fascinated/distracted by the comment “I made the decision” to follow Jesus. Is it I who made the decision? or is it Christ who comes into me and makes the decision. Can we do any more than ask Him to come? There is a verse, something like: Its not I that live, but Christ/God who lives in me? Is it: we are invited to answer the call? ‘Lord let it be done to me according to Thy Word’?

    So we pray for ALL, that God comes into each of his creatures and creations, and fills each with an abundance of His love.
    Again thank you. It is a very good time to ask ‘what’s it all about?’

  • Hi Simon,

    I used this in Bloxham schools Virtual chapel service for 450 teenagers last friday. Very positive reports.
    So thanks for producing the video,


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  • I recommend a book by Witness Lee – Christ Versus Religion.

    See: https://amanatrustbooks.org.uk/

    The truth sets us free to be in Christ.

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