Lockdown Encouragement!

I just recorded this talk and sent it out to a number of churches. If you fancy a listen, may it bring you some encouragement through these difficult times…

God bless you loads, cheering you on in the Spirit!


PS Lots of folks have joined the Choose Life Big Church 365 Read, and it’s easy to sign up for, with a weekly vlog to further encourage folks. Here’s the link: glo.org.uk/chooselife


  • Wow Simon, great preach. Thank you. What was I doing, how did I let those seeds of despair come in. I have prayed and listened. Just thanks be to God that he uses you so powerfully, may you be blessed. Love Mary

  • Wonderful presentation keep it up may the Lord fulfill all your desires and dreams for His kingdom extension, our prayers…
    Thank you.

  • Thank you thank you Hank you

    Just soooooo encouraging well it’s more than that it’s empowering

    Thank you again

    Every blessing in Christ Jesus may the Lord bless you a 100 fold as you are such a blessing to others

  • Thank you Simon for the encouraging words of this message (I love the energy you bring in each of these recordings). I really appreciated the focus on hope and gratitude as an antidote to despair.

    Most of us probably intellectually understand that God is sovereign and ultimately controls every circumstance in our lives…but He wants more than just intellectual assent. He seeks to drive that understanding deep into our hearts, because that’s where transformation happens. Hope (not wishful thinking but confident expectation) comes from knowing God is in control and then yielding to Him in faith. That yielding can really only happen in the context of a trial.

    If God is in control, and trials are His way of refining us, then those trials are really God’s vote of confidence in us that have put our faith in Him. We can trust that every trial has a purpose, and that God is using that trial to some how, some way make us more like Christ. If we can believe that, then the outcome will be joy…joy in knowing that the Lord God Almighty cares enough about me to allow this trial and provide me the strength to overcome in order to work His will of conforming me to the image of His Son. Praise the Lord!

    Again, this is easy to say, but hard to do in the midst of a trial. Only through the Holy Spirit providing strength sufficient to overcome the trial will we reap the blessings of the trial. May His Spirit fill each of His people that we can respond to every trial in faith and through perseverance give Him all the Glory.

    Thank you again for this message Simon…just what I needed as I started my day.

    PS. The natural man is inclined to focus on His needs above all else. When his needs (or wants) are not met, the natural reaction is to focus on himself all the more. Only as God renews our minds can we express gratitude in the midst of want and turn our focus to the needs of others. Oh Lord, renew our minds and transform our hearts.

  • Amen!!
    Dear Simon, our God continues to bless you with the gift of evangelism.
    Thank you for trusting in Him that we may hear and receive…
    Always timely, always relevant, always divine!

  • SO BLESSED! Thanks again Simon for a timely, God – sent message.

  • A huge virtual hug for you brother Simon. Sooo encouraging.

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