Goodbye Dust, Hello Rain!

Our summer in England almost didn’t happen because of the rain. The sun only just came out in time for the Olympics, which was certainly a blessing, but how we cursed that rain…!

Not so now. Thank God for the rain! As we come to the end of the dry season, I’m so very grateful for the rains that are beginning to fall. They are badly needed for crops, and they improve everyone’s quality of life. You see, after months of dryness, the earth turns to dust, the dust gets into everything, you get a sore throat, eye problems, a Apply nd it’s generally just a pain. If you drive upcountry and off the main roads, you will arrive at your destination with an orange layer on the bridge of your nose – that’s how bad it is. I curse that dust!

I felt it most on my jogging. I’d taste it in my mouth, even after choosing roads where no cars would drive past, whipping it up in my face. I’d find bogies (I know, I’m very open about bodily functions!), big black dusty crusty bogies up my own nostrils, and indeed up the kids’ noses – they had mixed reactions to my somewhat forcefully delving into their nasal cavities! Incidentally, Lizzie told me a couple of days ago Grace (4) wanted me to tell her how babies were made. Really, at such a young age? I psyched myself up, and then discovered it was really bogies whose manufacturing process she was really interested in!

I digress.

So welcome rain, welcome I say! It’s premature to say ‘Goodbye dust’, but hopefully a few more downpours will encourage the dust to diminish to acceptable levels until another nine months’ time.

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