From Good to Great in Burundi!

Do you want the good news first, or the great news?

I’ll start with the good news: in response to last week’s story of amazing forgiveness, many of you donated and John has received enough money to build the house he and his wife and five little kids were about to be evicted from. He wrote to me in floods of tears of gratitude, totally overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness. That’s good news!

And now the great news:

I said I’d feedback on the summer campaign outreach. You’ve already heard some of the miracles. Here are the stats:

      • 506 evangelists split up into 34 areas for the first two weeks of August.
  • 50,036 people heard the full gospel and among them 19,731 made commitments to follow Jesus, including 18 Muslims and 35      witchdoctors.
  • 86 sick people were healed, of whom 14 paralyzed/lame, getting up and walking before the crowds.
  • 7 deaf and blind recovered their hearing and sight.
  • 5 people on the point of committing suicide were rescued.
  • 28 couples – some already and others about to divorce – were reconciled.
  • 2 churches were started.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for this outreach – incredible! Now please pray that the fruit is lasting, and that God uses each and every new believer to share what they’ve tasted, so they don’t just remain converts, but become disciples, and then disciple-makers. Amen!

And today, Gitega International Academy opens. It’s the first English-speaking boarding school in the country, with a vision to raise up the next generation of shakers and shapers to positively impact this nation. Bring it on! Do pray for them to.

Have a great day!

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