“For I know the plan(e)s I have for you,” declares the Lord!

We asked you to pray, so we thought we’d let you know what happened. Some of you write and say I don’t include enough on family, so here’s a bit on us and our crazy time yesterday. Were your prayers answered?

Well, there wasn’t really any chance of us making the connecting flight from the start because we were delayed by an hour at Heathrow. It was lashing down with rain and our windscreen wipers weren’t working, apparently! Strangely that delay from the outset took the pressure off and I didn’t dwell on it for the ten hours of our flight, presuming we’d just have to endure several further hours of grimness once inDallas.

Flights with kids are right up there for me as the worst ‘regular’ experience life serves up. We didn’t have video options so essentially had three little lives needing stimulation or soothing in a confined space for the first ten hours. I thought we must nearly be there at one stage, only to realize we weren’t even halfway!

The kids did brilliantly overall on that leg. Once we landed, our next plane was due to take off in about an hour. We had four different queues to get through (immigration, re-checking, terminal change and final boarding card stuff). Immigration alone takes us on average 40mins. The plane closes 20mins before take-off. I told Lizzie I gave us virtually no hope, well maybe a 3% chance. We were justabout last out of the plane waiting for our double pram, and hurried to immigration. I explained to an official our problem and she came back a few moments later with yellow priority cards. We were whisked to the front of the queue. The minutes ticked by as the official handled our five sets of paperwork. I rushed off ahead and collected our luggage to re-check, and we then had to go through security again. The man there said we had no chance with time all but run out. But they did their best for us. We ran like crazy, shoes and belts barely on, Lizzie pushing the pram with Grace and Jos ensconced with gormless vacant gazes, and Zac running alongside us hauling four bits of hand luggage too.

The train arrived as we got to the stop, so we jumped on and headed to the next terminal. I was thinking of you guys praying and by this stage believed we’d make it. I was desperate because the kids are honestly pretty good but it is still hideous. Once off the train, I ran ahead to try to make it to the departure gate and stall them. I got there. We were the only ones left to arrive. Would they let us on? I was dripping with sweat. Yes they would! YE-E-E-E-E-SSS!!! I punched the air, wanted to kiss the lady in gratitude, but instead just sweated on her desk! Lizzie and gang duly showed up and we bonded in our adrenaline and exhaustion!

They all zonked out for the next few hours on the flight toCharleston. We were picked up by our landlord/neighbour/friend David, got home, experienced an epic double-hysteria crying fit from zombie-like Grace and Josiah, Zac meantime lying nigh-comatose on the floor next to the bath. By English time it was 4am. And then sweet, sweet sleep, made all the sweeter as I thought of the fact that we should probably still be sat at the airport several hours away inDallaswaiting very depressed and glum for another connecting flight.

So thanks to all of you who pray for us. I am fully aware that there are bigger things to pray for, but I’m grateful for your back-up. Cheers, SG

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