Finishing Strong

Below is a talk I gave a few weeks ago in the UK. Am just returning from a superb weekend of speaking in Rwanda, with the highlight being a powerful time in a 7,200-men prison.

“We are at war, and the bloody battle is over our hearts. I am astounded how few Christians see this, how little they protect their hearts. We act as though we live in a sleepy little town during peacetime. We don’t. We live in the spiritual equivalent of Bosnia or Beirut. Act like it. Watch over your heart. Don’t let just anything in; don’t let it go just anywhere. What’s this going to do to my heart? is a question that I ask in every situation.” (John Eldredge)

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  • You never fail to ground me Simon – just as Im slipping into that false paradigm better known as ‘comfort in security’, you pop up with another stark reminder of the reality of following Christ. I thank God for you and your ever persistent effort in making sure our feathers remain ruffled and our focus stays on reaching the end of the race!

  • Thanks Brother, God bless and keep and energise you further for His glory. Peter from UK

  • Thank you Simon for a solid call to alertness and perseverance. Grateful for you!

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