Easter Bunnies in Burundi!



Sorry if you’ve already seen this, we’ve had some horrible technical glitches over the last few days.

I’d like to invite you to join with us today in answering the prayer request of a little boy in Burundi called Theogene.

Theogene is an orphan who lives with his brother in a makeshift shack in Ciya province, cobbled together with banana leaves from the bush. His parents were killed when he was tiny and he and his brother have struggled to survive ever since. Hunger is a constant reality. School fees are prohibitively expensive and Theogene simply cannot afford the essential uniform and stationery. Without education and ‘Christ’s hands and feet’, he and his brother will stay stuck in the cruel cycle of poverty and deprivation. There seems no way out for Theogene and so many others like them.

Or so you might have thought…

Theogene and his friends have already shown amazing initiative in facing their challenges. They got together with other fatherless children who couldn’t afford school, and began to grow aubergines.

They not only managed to grow the aubergines but they also sold them and made a small profit. After that, and with a little help and support from GLO, they created a community fund to pay for their schooling and uniform. Beautiful!

But the money is running out, so they’ve prayed about it and have asked for help to buy rabbits. They want to start farming rabbits!

Can you be the answer to Theogene’s prayer?

With your help and support, the team can intervene over the coming months with rabbits and so much more; life skills, discipleship and community development. A significant number of folks in the community have already come to faith through our engagement, working with our partner, J-Life.

Could you help Theogene and others like him this Easter?

A litter of six rabbits costs just £12/$15. Providing a Kirundi Bible costs £7/$9. You can also support Theogene and his brother to grow in God’s ways through Bible classes, visits and training, which costs the team around £45/$59 for three months.

A group of widows in the community are equally enterprising and plan to start a soap-making enterprise, which will cost £988/$1293 to set up.

If you’d like to provide some real Easter hope for Theogene, his brother, the widows and their friends, and help them escape poverty for good, please go to www.greatlakesoutreach.org/donate

Enjoy some chocolate rabbits or eggs this Easter, but more importantly, here’s to empowering many precious people with real ‘Easter resurrection rabbits’!

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