Dental Devastation!

Last week saw Bill and Susalee Sasser and Nigel Mallon bring out another superb dental team to work with our rockstar Harvest-for-Christ-ers up in Muyinga in the far North. They plundered people’s mouths, yanking teeth by the dozen, and pausing occasionally to take photos of some of the more unusual orifices, as seen below with Exhibit A:


Lizzie got the chance to be a part of it for four days, which she loved, not that she looks very impressed or engaged in the photo below – but none of the others do either!


It’s always beautiful seeing real partnerships between foreigners and Burundians, pooling their different skills to meet the needs of so many desperately poor and suffering folk. It was a lot of hard work and long days, but you can tell they had a great attitude and lots of fun too!

So around 2,100 folk had their mouths invaded, violated, ravaged, and lovingly and expertly traumatised, and were deeply grateful for it. No pain, no gain! And the queues of folk waiting – many even sleeping outside overnight in an attempt to guarantee getting seen – testifies to the need for this kind of ministry.


We had a meeting before they left to see how we can ramp things up in Burundi in terms of getting more folk trained up to do the job and meet more of the overwhelming dental needs in the country. Thanks to the Sassanator, the Mallonisor, and the rest of the team, great job!

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