Christmas Cheer (or not) in Burundi…

kid with present

Scripture Union Treasurer Tharcisse writes to me:

‘Dear brother Simon,
I’m writing to you, as I do every year, however embarrassing it is for me. Because without your help this Christmas will be a day like any other.
I’m a father and husband, and I long to be able to buy my wife something – maybe a new dress to show my appreciation – and get my children some chocolates and meat for Christmas, the one day of the year that they have that expectation. But I and so many others, find making ends meet tough because of the
socio-economic crisis we are in. 
Please could you help me/us with something, however small, as you usually do? We are so grateful.

J life team

It gets me every time that such faithful servants, who have been willing to suffer for the gospel and with whom I’ve journeyed over the last twenty years, struggle to make ends meet. And I’ve always had lots of meat/chocolate/presents to enjoy. It seems so wrong, and unfair that they don’t. But with your help, 500+ families of those who work with us (i.e. a few thousand children with their parents) will be able to have at least one present, some chocolate and meat on Christmas day. We plan to give each family £25/$30.
If you want to help us bless God’s workers in Burundi, click here for the UK and here for the USA.
Simon Guillebaud


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