Choose Life!

“I loved it so much, I got it for all my grandchildren!”
“I’ve given it away to fifty people so far!”
“I conduct an orchestra and have given one to every member!”

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This is just a quick plug for Christmas gifts for loved-ones. I love hearing how people have been impacted by the daily devotional-of-the-year ‘Choose Life!’ If you’re struggling to think of what to get someone, how about this?

To order in the UK, you can buy it from St Andrews Bookshop.

Or in the USA and beyond, click here

And as I searched for the Amazon link, I just read the top review, which is encouraging. Diane Moody writes:

“Oh my goodness, I cannot say enough good things about this book! It boggles my mind how often Guillebaud’s daily messages seem spot on for what’s happening in my life. Of course, that’s totally a God thing, but I give the author full credit for writing such poignant and inspiring messages. It’s my favorite gift to give friends and family for birthdays. I’ve used many quotes from the book in my own personal journal and shared them with others. The best devotional I’ve ever read. Thank you, Simon Guillebaud! May God bless you as you’ve so richly blessed your readers!”


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