Big Smiles in Burundi…

Big Smiles in Burundi Montage

Just a few weeks ago, 1200 parents in Burundi were wondering where the money would come from to get their children back to school. Thanks to your generosity and swift response, we’ve been able to help keep around 3600 children in education for the coming year. Thank you SO much!

We distributed £30/$40 to each family, which, for many, has made all the difference between keeping the children in education, going into debt or losing their place(s) at school.

One parent, Odette, sums up the gratitude of so many: ”We are so grateful for the help. Books have become so expensive. One textbook can cost over 10,000FBU and that’s just for one child excluding uniforms, school supplies and other textbooks. Thank you and may God continue to use you to bless so many others.”

Another, Ephraim, talks about narrowly avoiding having to take out a loan to pay for education. He says: “Preparing for the new year is such a stressful time of time of the year for us. One begins to wonder about going into debt just to make sure you’re child’s spot isn’t taken.Thank you so much for your gift. It has really helped my family.”

One of children says, “I’m especially thankful for my textbook since English is favourite subject.”

But the children’s smiles say it all… THANK YOU!!!

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