Battered but Fruitful in Burundi…

The amazing work continues in Burundi! There are 6 days to go, and this’ll be the last update from me until the full results come in a few weeks from now, but it’s just so encouraging to share, and key in terms of prayers yielding fruit. Here’s the latest from Onesphore, who writes:

“Bururi province is a historically ‘religious’ and therefore quite resistant area. But in Kiremba one of our teams met a family whose 7-year-old girl was blind, crippled, and her tongue hung limply outside her mouth, so she was unable to speak. They washed her and prayed for her, whereupon she immediately got her sight back, began speaking, and was able to walk. The whole village ran to see the miracle. Her family and 25 others in the village gave their lives to Christ. 25 personnes  du village ont donne leurs vies a Christ .

At Busoni, where earlier in the week the deaf/dumb man was healed, two of our groups were seriously beaten up by the sons of witchdoctors who saw them as a threat to their business. We are trying to encourage them. Pray for their perseverance. The enemy is obviously not happy with all the fruit taking place.”

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