Arrests, Demons and Healings in Burundi!

Reports are trickling in from our 615 evangelists upcountry in Burundi as they spend two weeks doing outreach in markets, fields, homes etc. I’m just sending this as a reminder to ask for your prayers for them. As ever there is some opposition, and a few of our guys have been arrested. Onesphore (the movement leader) wrote to me, saying that the fact they were released so quickly by the overruling of the regional Governor shows that there must be a lot of prayer back up, as that speedy result seemed very unlikely. He thanks you all for the intercession on their behalf. Here’s another story from him:

“Madenga was a man who’d been demon-posessed for ten years. He terrorised people he came across, and didn’t even recognise some of his children. When he saw our evangelists, he threatened them. But they remained uncowed, insisting he listen to the gospel. They shared the gospel and then prayed for him, and he was delivered on the spot! For the first time in a decade he now greeted his family and neighbours. The whole area got to hear about the miracle and a number of others gave their lives to Christ.”
There are more stories, but I wanted to keep this brief. Thousands have been impacted in the last week, and the incredible outreach will finish this coming Saturday, so please keep lifting them up daily if you can.
Great to have you on the team, I hope this finds you well and enjoying all the Olympic action!
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